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What Is Crud Chuggers Enzyme Treatment?
And Why it's so Effective in Septic Tanks, Plumbing Lines and Grease Traps?

Crud Chuggers Septic System Treatment contains TRILLIONS of naturally occurring stabilized, non-engineered, aerobic and facultative anaerobes that are highly motile with positive chemotaxis. The highly active and highly digestive enzymes which these anaerobes produce are scientifically proven to digest waste and are proven to do it better.

           Using Crud Chuggers doesn't only help bring back the balance of beneficial bacteria like other products, instead Crud Chuggers GIVES YOU THE OPTIMAL HEALTHY BALANCE OF BACTERIA AND ENZYMES that are crucial to keep septic systems running properly.

The SEVEN STRAINS of bacillus bacteria in Crud Chuggers produce these enzymes proven to CHUG and DIGEST household and industrial waste. The enzymes produced by these 7 hand selected strains of bacillus include:


  • Celluase: effectively CHUGS down toilet paper, foods and plant matter like vegetables
  • Liapase: effectively  CHUGS down oils, fats and grease
  • Protease: CHOMPS apart hard to digest protiens
  • Amylase: GRINDS up starches
  • Xylanase: PREPARES waste into usuable nutrients and serves it to Crud Chuggers on a platter without further additives or work.

The Backing of Proven Science

Searching, Testing and Selecting the Best Bacteria Enzymes is Completed!
Read The Findings and Details of What Makes Crud Chuggers Superior

Crud Chuggers contains highly concentrated blends of multiple bacterial spores, specifically selected to function in septic tanks, grease traps and other plumbing environments.

Biological products have been used for years for plumbing maintenance. These products are much safer to handle and generally reduced solids and odors, but did not perform well in low pH or high fat situations. Understanding these limitations, the scientists at BioMatrix International developed a product to address these concerns. After years of research, we are pleased to release these biological cleaning masterpieces from nature into our products. The following describes the development of Crud Chuggers powerful enzyme concentrate and explains the technology behind the product.

Low pH Effectiveness (pH level of typical septic tank: 5.5-7pH.)

One major reason for grease trap failure is the inability of standard grease trap products to function at a low pH. By testing grease traps in the field, and interviewing our customers and grease trap pumpers, the majority of traps were found to have a pH of 4.5 – 6.

With this information, we tested the ability of the bacteria in standard grease trap products to function at a worse-case scenario pH of 4.25. Not surprisingly, we found that standard products were not capable of functioning at this low of a pH (Figure 1).

To develop a product that functions in the low pH of grease traps, bacteria were isolated from low pH environments, such as pine forests and cranberry bogs, where nature has already selected strains capable of functioning at a low pH. The result was the isolation, selection, and development of two Bacillus strains which grow, degrade waste, and reduce odors at pH 4.25. These strains are included in Crud Chuggers. As shown in Figure 2, these strains significantly improve the efficacy of Drainworx’s products over the competition.

Superior Fat Digestion

Using a similar bacterial selection system, new bacterial strains capable of digesting high levels of Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) were isolated. These superior lipase producers not only degrade short chain fat molecules, commonly degraded by the bacteria in most grease trap products, but also the more difficult to digest long chain fat molecules that are major contributors to FOG accumulation in traps. Further testing of these new strains revealed the production of a bio surfactant, which helps to increase the bioavailability of the FOG as a microbial food source. These activities are shown in the pictures below.

The isolation of these superior fat degrading strains prompted a study to investigate the ability of the bacteria in Crud Chuggers to degrade Crisco (vegetable shortening). The study was performed utilizing a minimal medium with Crisco as the carbon source. The study was performed at pH 4.3 to mimic the conditions in a grease trap. Two fully formulated (surfactant containing) commercially available grease trap products were included in the study for comparison. The Crud Chuggers treatment did not contain surfactant. As demonstrated in Figure 4, Crud Chuggers showed a significant improvement over the competitor’s commercially available grease traps products, even without the addition of surfactant.

Odor Reduction

Having addressed low pH activity and FOG degradation, the next task was odor reduction. The odors associated with grease traps are often caused by volatile fatty acids (VFAs). As shown in Table 1, the seven strain blend in Crud Chuggers has the ability to degrade all grease trap associated VFAs that were tested. This includes the difficult to degrade branched VFAs, iosbutyric and isovaleric acid.

BOD Reduction

The final step in the product development process was to test the ability of Crud Chuggers to reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in actual grease trap waste. To perform this study, waste was collected from a grease trap and divided into two sub-samples. One sub-sample was treated with Crud Chuggers and the other sample was left untreated. These two sub-samples were then monitored over a five-day period for changes in BOD. As demonstrated in Figure 5, Crud Chuggers showed a significant reduction in BOD during the five-day study.

The synergistic blend of seven bacterial strains in Crud Chuggers was selected for the following complimentary abilities: superior lipase production, the ability to function under low pH, biosurfactant production, organic waste degradation, and odor reduction (specifically volatile fatty acids). This Production Information Bulletin also describes the methodology and thought process used at BioMatrix to develop efficacious products that solve real world problems. By understanding the issues associated with an application, and dealing with each issue using a systematic, scientific approach, BioMatrix continues to develop unique biological products that work.

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