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How Do Septic Tanks Work?
What happens within these systems?

What to expect from a good running system!

A properly maintaned septic system will decompose the solid and liquid waste that enters the system and allow the waste to flow out the drain field were it then seeps into the earth and is further purified by the soil and returns to the ground water under the soil. Most enzyme additives only digest the easier to break down solids that will decompose naturally but Crud Chuggers was designed for the stubborn FOGs in the scum & sludge layers. By choosing to use Crud Chuggers you can ensure that your system will stay running like new or will restore to a like-new system.

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Most septic tanks are large rectangular or cylindrical buried containers. The purpose of a septic tank is to separate wastewater from solids. A septic tank typically consist of these 3 layers of waste (view large image). These three layers are as follows: 1) The scum layer consisting of hard to break down FOGs (fats, oils and grease). 2) The waste water or effluent layer which contains digested and decomposed/clarified liquid and is easily passed through to the drain field. 3) The sludge layer which is made up of the heavy and hard solids that are not easily decomposed.

How does an unstable bacterial environment lead to septic system failure?

Many household chemicals, such as antibacterial soaps and bleaches, can deplete the good bacteria sources that inhabit your septic tank. With no bacterial enzymes to digest the excess sewage, backups can and will occur.

The CRUD will settle to the bottom of the tank and will build up quicker than it is turned into a system safe effluent. When the scum and sludge layers build up, they 'pancake' the area of the clarified effluent layer eventually reducing the flowable effluent layer and allowing the system to be overwhelmed. This will allow the release of the undigested CRUD into the lines clogging them. If the CRUD does not clog the outlet line before it passes through the distribution box and drain field it will get packed into the soil and stop the drainage of the effluent into the ground. This will backup the entire septic system possibly flooding your yard and house and will require that your drain field throughout the yard be torn up and possibly replaced. (view large image)

A septic tank backup is a horrible smelly mess! Many times sewage build-ups will go unnoticed until there is an entire system backup. When this happens, sewage and wastewater can backup into the yard and not to mention it can empty into sinks, laundry, bathrooms and your basement. You will be shoulder deep in CRUD and remorse for not maintaining your system properly with Crud Chuggers. It not only is a disgusting situation, it also costs an average of $6,000 to fix!

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