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How does Crud Chuggers™ work?

Crud Chuggers™ is scientifically formulated and contains TRILLIONS of active bacteria and enzymes. These enzymes are PROVEN to break down and digest waste. Using Crud Chuggers™ will bring back the natural balance of bacteria and enzymes that is crucial to keep your systems working efficiently.

When can I expect Crud Chuggers™ to begin to work?

Crud Chuggers™ will begin working immediately after coming in contact with water. The bacteria germination may take a few hours where it then beings digesting waste. As septic systems vary, so does the time it takes for the active ingredients to fully break down waste.

Do I need to use Crud Chuggers™ for each bathroom in my house?

No, you only need to flush the biodegradable packets down one toilet, or use directly in your septic tank.

Is there a certain time of day that is best to use Crud Chuggers™?

Crud Chuggers™ is best used directly before extended periods of plumbing inactivity. This could be right before you go to bed or before you leave for work. Doing this will allow Crud Chuggers™ to settle into the tank and begin to digest the waste, while reducing the likelihood of being flushed out.

Can Crud Chuggers™ be used with:

All plumbing types? Yes

Drywells? Yes

Chemical Toilets? No, Crud Chuggers™ is not recommended for Chemical or composting toilets

Garbage Disposals? Yes

K-57? Yes

Mound Systems? Yes

Out Houses? Yes

RV’s? Yes

Will I still need to get my septic tank pumped even with Crud Chuggers™ use?

Yes, there is no avoiding this, eventually you will need to have your tank pumped. It is commonly recommended that you get your septic tank pumped every 2-3 years; however, regular usage of Crud Chuggers™ will slow the build-up of solid waste in the tank.

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